Freitag u. Samstag, 21 u. 22. December

Yule: Exhibition, Gathering, Spectacle, Berlin







Well, we had so much fun last time at Gelegenheiten – we’re doing it again!

Join us for another exhibition to explore history behind the holidays – this time, the northern hemisphere’s longest night: Yule, Solstice, Candlemas, the pagan roots of today’s consumerist festant: Christmas.

Music, théâtre, wishes on the Holly King’s lap, costume design, polaroid photos with the Holly King and his sexy pagan faerie guide (costume designed by Marie Odile), cookie decorating, egg-nog drinking, upcycling re-gift exchanges, trees, candles, Verbal Self Defense workshop, family dinner, twisted caroling, and more.

Here’s a rough schedule of events (subject to revision)

Friday evening:

18h56,50 _ Doors

19h03,50_ Film Premiere: „Solstice“ by Dan Dansen
*Warning: This film contains effects and sounds that may be disturbing to some audience members. It will be playing on a loop in the entrance. There will be other spaces in the venue for those who are affected by the film, please just inform us and we can guide you there!“

Presentation of the costumes by Marie Oh! and Louis, polaroid photos with the Holly King and his faerie guide, as well as holiday wishes.

20h44,50 _ Assembly of the audience for an ECG Théâtre game with Audrey Rose and Louis…this will be improvisational theatre including YOU performing a little bit of hilarious solstice history
– bring your own story or try one of ours…the winners get to be the Lord of Misrule for the rest of the exhibition, meaning everyone else HAS to do WHATEVER you tell them too!

Afterwards: explanation of the re-gift exchange to take place Saturday as well as invitations to the Verbal Self Defense workshop

22h32,50 _ Fin, last minute polaroids/The Longest Night of 2018.


17h08,50 _ Doors, soft-opening.

Back room: Zafire’s Verbal Self Defense Workshop, which will begin at 17h and be closed once it begins and will last 2 hours.

Front and middle rooms: we will have cookie decorating, re-gfit making, (upcycling), tree decorations, egg-nog, tattoos (if Alex is available), etc.

19h03,50 _ Family Dinner to begin, followed by exchanging of the re-gifts and holiday music.

19h50,50_Lea Dietschmann Performance, Front Room

20h44,50 _ Twisted Caroling with SHEchoir, who will sing a few of their own songs and then teach us a few twisted carols so that we can end (weather permitting) with a group walking up and down Weserstr caroling.

After we head out, S Ruston will set up to bring the light in with some wicked jams on the turntables.

Fête! Fête! Fête to bring light back into the world.

Don’t miss out or let us miss you!
All events by donation!


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