Freitag, 11. April, 20h

Stereochemistry | IndiePopCabaret


Stereochemistry is a one woman music project by Karla – aka Miss Stereochemistry, an ex scientist who left her doctoral studies in Experimental Audiology to approach the listener’s ears from a totally different perspective. 
Originally from Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, Karla started making music as a kid, influenced by her father who was also a musician.
During her university years in Italy, Karla founded Stereochemistry, choosing a name that would represent both as a musician and a scientist. After the release of her first demo album, entitled “Love inside” (2005), Stereochemistry moved to Stockholm, Sweden, in order to dedicate herself to both of her passions, starting a PhD in Experimental Audiology at Karolinska Institutet.

But a lab couldn’t contain everything of this gypsy miss. Used to a more adventurous life of a globetrotter around Europe, Karla traded off the lab coat for a cabaret outfit and moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she first performed as a street musician. 
And, as the fortune guards the brave&mad, her adventure trip hasn’t stopped ever since! Stereochemistry’s original stage presence has struck many ears and hearts across the globe. Characterized by self-ironic & sincere life stories, weaved into a theatrical performance and trademarked by the original costumes & outfits, Stereochemistry’s music & cabaret show certainly won’t leave anybody indifferent.


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