Freitag, 11. Juli, 20h

Castlewoods | Konzert


Castlewoods creates indie/folk music with deep roots. We whisper softly in your ear, make you shiver, 
we comfort you with harmonies as we flirt with Joni, Nick, Rufus and Kate kissing them gently on the neck, we scream out our truth from within and make you listen to our inner howling creatures.

Our lyrics are about being a hungry wolf, about stories we were told as children, about our inner Tom Boy loving robots instead of dolls, about finding our own paths in life, searching for our souls.

Castlewoods will be touring the west coast of Sweden this summer, Berlin and maybe a couple of gigs in Spain. Castlewoods are on fire, we want to make something with our flame and not let it dust to ashes.

We want to bleed. We want to live. We want to howl.


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