Freitag, 12. Mai, 20:00 Uhr

The Family Album: Work in Progress Pt. 2 by Pavel Belchev // Vernissage

Exhibition opening
Photographs by Pavel Belchev
Live Concert: Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due

The nightlife of Berlin, a city notorious for its unprejudiced tolerance and openness, can be viewed as a frontier space for exploring the queer, the norm-breaking, the expressive, and the extraordinary. The secretive playground of nighttime dwellers – criticized by some for being exceedingly self-absorbed and superficial – allows the members of a relatively compact, yet remarkably diverse scene to break walls, remove borders, and experience closeness and communication unimaginable in the sober heteronormative „outside.”

The presented works are a raw, unfalsified account of the said family-like scene, captured in various venues around Berlin at night with a Polaroid rangefinder camera. Documenting its creatures through a direct insider approach, they form a visual study of the relationship between the coarse texture of relentless hedonism and an ample supply of unrestrained creativity.

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