Freitag, 19. April, 20:00 Uhr

ANJOU / ZARAY // Concert

Multifaceted composers / performers Brittany Anjou and Nicole Zaray Meter get on planes, meet in Berlin and rock their newest strangest sounds on mystery instruments at Gelegenheiten! You should definitely be there too!

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Bi TYRANT – Brittany Anjou
Keyboards / Comedic Jazz

Brittany Anjou is a NYC based composer, pianist, vibraphonist, multi-instrumentalist, and front woman of Bi TYRANT. Exploring everything from Duke Ellington to Bikini Kill in her solo repertoire, this creative, versatile, and virtuoso performer hails from Seattle. Starting from the age of twelve Brittany performed with artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Ernestine Anderson, Clark Terry, Elysian Fields, and The Shaggs. One day, she got fed up with the jazz patriarchy and her performance life was forever changed when she sang on a Tribute to the Shaggs. She nonetheless released her debut jazz trio album, Enamigxo Reciprokataj on Origin Records in 2019. Her sets combine 1990s Seattle grunge, 1960s jazz piano, and nearly perfect covers of The Shaggs, which she ties together with political comedy about bad psychic dreams, daily anxiety, and forever saving Planned Parenthood.





Vocals/ Keyboards / Beats / High Kicks

Nicole Zaray hails from Brooklyn, NY and now brings her unusual piano pop tunes with clever lyric stylings and polyrhythmic layerings to Berlin. A multifaceted vocalist and songwriter known for theatrical and staged musical performances, Nicole has been commissioned by various organizations including Roulette and the American Music Center, was guest vocalist on 2 Moby albums, and starred in the sci-fi chickflick The Sticky Fingers of Time which premiered at the Venice Biennale. She uses her 3 octave range, tin pan alley piano chops and original physicality to bring you a set of unusually catchy avant-pop tunes.




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