Freitag, 2. Mai, 20h

Rutto & Koivusalo | Konzert


Two young Helsinki-based musicians Tuukka Haapakorpi and Lauri Hyvärinen have been working together for years. Be it avant rock of Neue Haas Grotesk, free jazz of Horst Quartet or sound poetry of Linnunlaulupuu, they make it happen. In their electroacoustic duo setting they contemplate on texture based improvisation. Their tactics are junk percussion, mandolin preparations, electronics and intense interplay. It’s all about delicate cruelty of beauty, caveman jazz and a post mortem chamber nightmare.

Lauri Hyvärinen | prepared mandolin, objects, electronics

He first started playing music 20 years ago. Now he is interested in improvisation, noise and the possibilities of stringed instruments. He often utilizes “extended” techniques, preparations and electronics for searching for vibrations of the strings, resonances of the body and acoustic and electric disturbances. During the years he has performed with musicians like Jack Wright, Alan Wilkinson, Jone Takamäki, Tommi Keränen, Julien Chamla and Ilia Belorukov, touring in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic countries. In addition he runs the record label Rypistellyt Levyt, studies musicology at the University of Helsinki and is a board member of experimental music and sound art organization Charm of Sound.

Tuukka Haapakorpi | percussion, electronics, voice

He is a musician, sound designer and visual artist. With a fresh attitude towards improvisation he draws influences from sound art, performance art and conceptual art. Discarding a traditional drum set he concentrates on found objects, junk percussion, contact mics and other electronic treatments. Haapakorpi is best known for his drumming with free jazzers Horst Quartet and his singer-songwriter alter ego Patrik Pakokauhu. Haapakorpi studies in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. In addition, Haapakorpi has worked, toured and studied in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


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