Freitag, 22. Januar, 20:30 Uhr

Santiago Cordoba | Konzert


Santiago Cordoba, percussionist of the well known „Violentango“ – ambassadors of the new tango movement -, has put on a different set of skins and strings to perform his solo concept „Corso“: a kaleidoscope of various percussion instruments, loops, samples, piano, guitar…..but most of all his musical soul itself.
His music is thoroughly composed, well structured, yet sometimes surprising in breaks or sudden interchanges, held together by a general elegance, a light pulse and Santiago’s intense way to play.

Some of his compositions date back to his pre-Violentango times in 2004, others are just recent – after all: „Corso“ shows Santiago’s personal developement, as a parallel universe to his career in the modern tango (where the use of a percussionist is still considered „avantgarde“).

After „giving birth to the Corso“ in various concerts in Buenos Aires, Santiago now dives into his first European Solo-Tour; well…. „solo“ is not always correct: the „Corso“ is open to guest performers.

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