Freitag, 26. Januar, 20:00 Uhr

Corrado Maria De Santis // Solo guitar & electronics


„There was me in myself“ is the main idea about this solo project.

„There was me in myself“ is an exploration, from memory to imagination, from rule to the perturbing possibility, a „eflection“. A strong resonance of affections, loss and turbulent melancholy which keeps melodies on electronic buildings, veiled writing and improvisation, experimentation and abstraction, energetic noise, nausea, endless possibilities.

Corrado Maria De Santis is a brilliant guitar player, graduated from the Jazz department of Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. He has gradually moved to a music of many genres where improvisation and an extensive sound research are important. One of the most influent musicians in the Italian indie scene, who
can go through every shade of sound, from Charlie Christian to Syd Barrett. He’s worked constantly, touring and recording with many interesting artists including Sonic Jesus, Sprained Cookies, Eva Mon Amour, Cappello a Cilindro.

Doors: 20h
Show: 21h



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