Samstag, 08. Oktober, 20:00 Uhr


Elektronischer Salon #15 // Lull Machines

Llull Machines is an art group founded by artist Danil Gertman (Tel-Aviv) and electronic musician Grundik Kasyansky (London). Together they create real-time audio-visual artefacts, using live digital drawings, projections and live electronic music. They explore the unfamiliar territory between traditional media and genres, combining fragility and ephemera of the live performance, virtual reality of the digital space, organic world of the analog synthesis, and tangibility of the fine arts with the dream logic.

„A painting depicts one single moment. Film and animation are a series of moments, arranged by a script. These forms of art are perceived in very different ways. A moment captured in a painting is the subject to myriads of conceptual, visual, and even sonic interpretations. They create a kind of cogitative associative array, which goes beyond any rigid script. Our goal is to expand and dissect this moment, literally on the molecular level, and present it in a single audio-visual flow.“

Einlass / Doors // 20:00
Performance // 21:00

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