Samstag, 12. April, 20h

Geeta | Konzert


Geeta is a multi-instrumentalist eclectic singer-songwriter, vocal explorer, artist and poet from Montreal. She has been creating art with sounds, her voice and words since many years. She composes with a real, sensitive and raw vibe influenced by her imagination, freedom, space, art and time. She plays all instruments and produces her own albums and concerts.

She is well recognized for giving powerful live performances. She combines piano, keyboards, effects, harmonies, beats and percussions with poetry .With her wide vocal range, Geeta uses her voice as an instrument and plays with many tones, textures and carries along the audience towards cinematographic landscapes.

She has collaborated with several international artists in music, films and multimedia. She participated at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. The New Cinema Festival, Montreal in lights, The Fringe Festival, The International Literature Festival, The Eclectik Festival in Montreal and the NXNE Festival in Toronto. In July 2013, Geeta went to explore electronic sounds and vocals inspired by Armenian contemporary music at the Arts and Cultural Studies Laboratory in Yerevan in Armenia. She also conducts and produces the Art and Muse choir in Montreal. Her album is due for Spring 2014.


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