Samstag, 13. Januar, 20:00 Uhr

Elektronischer Salon // Andrei Cucu

We are very happy to host Andrei Cucus audiovisual, electronic live experience at elektronischer salon!
Read for yourself:


You enter confidently, but realising the mystery and the possible horror and the confusion. You walk as straight as you can keeping in mind where you have to get, trying to remember each tree, each different type of leaf, as marks for your return, for your way out. But slowly all the different textures melt into one, they all become the forest.

Fear starts creeping up on you. Confusion, you’ve been walking in circles. When you slowly realise this, you start accelerating trying to break out of the circle by sheer speed, by taking a leap out of the loop. But you don’t gather up enough momentum.

You finally stop. Despair is a place you don’t want to get to, so you try to clear your thoughts. You try to imagine the meadow in the center of it all, to see the forest, beside the trees. To see the sun as it floats down on small grass moving softly in the wind. The image slowly forms, You manage to escape the dense, confusing surrounding for brief moments. Beams manage to break through the imminent darkness which seemed to be unavoidable.

You are at the center of the forest, there is no deeper. You are as far away from the outside as you will ever be. You feel exposed, but at the same time know that there is no one here to see you except the unknown creatures fleetingly passing. You hope they’re harmless. You open your eyes to see if the forest has changed.

It is still dark, it is still impenetrably dense. And yet, you lost the confusion. You feel surrounded, but not trapped. You start being at ease with the forest. You start touching the branches with your fingers. You follow the fractured paths with your palm. There is no forest within, only without.


Forests is a series of 5 episodes pertaining to different kinds of journeys through dense foliage and branching paths.

Andrei Cucu’s musical endeavours started with an obsession for learning how to cover his favourite songs on guitar and vocals, but his foray into the world of the singer-songwriter was rather abruptly detoured with the discovery of digital music production and electronics. As a student in sound design, he discovered the endless possibilities in manipulating, shaping and destroying sound, processes which fuel a continual fascination with the tangible aspects of audio material.

His work walks the fine line between sound, image and text, looking for the invisible correlation which are to be discovered or invented, often translating one into the other. As a multimedia artist, Andrei forms the tangibility of sound into other media and explores the sonic valencies of video, text, space and nature, focusing on interstices and on interactions.

Doors: 20:00
Concert: 21:30

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