Samstag, 15. November, 20h

Konzerte | Drei an der Zahl!


MILES OLIVER (Folk noise poetry – France)

MILES is a parisian songwriter, swinging electric guitar, acoustic, piano and loops.
An alchemy between lo-fi rock, dark folk, noise that makes you think about Radiohead, House of Wolves, Leonard Cohen and Sonic Youth.

DANE JOE ( Post amphetamine blues – Israel)

Dane Joe creates digital poetry with high pitched mumblings and dirty guitar sounds.
The songs are influenced by public transportation and cheesy songs from the 50’s.

LINSE (Loop pop – Berlin)

Being a singer-songwriter with a love for dreamy athmospheres, Berlin-based musician Linse loops live recordings of guitar,
voice and beatboxing to create songs that are contemplative, yet catchy.

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