Samstag, 18. April, ab 20:30 Uhr

Performancefilm | Screening


Aus Anlass des diesjährigen „World Circus Day“ zeigen wir das Video eines finnischen Zirkusprojekts auf großer Leinwand.

Umbrella Skeleton

The theme of the piece is metamorphosis of unusable creatures and the necessity of thoughts and feelings that are often seen useless. The video has been projected in urban environment since year 2013 and the projections will be continuing at least during year 2015. Umbrella Skeleton-video is designed to break clinical reality that surrounds us most of the time. It’s encouraging people to listen themselves and to enjoy their imperfection. In everyday life it is quite easy to forget the true beauty and the true ugliness of our world. Most of the stimulation is trying to make us feel that our imperfection is somehow bad thing and needs to be fixed. Umbrella Skeleton suggests that imperfection is an essential incredient of the messy mix of being human being. We need to enjoy the ride of always ongoing chaos to be able to truly enjoy the little moments of harmony.


Circus: Marjukka Erälinna
Shooting: Marko Erälinna
Sound: Tommi Hinkkanen
Costume: Saija Vainio


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