Samstag, 21. April, 20:00 Uhr

Gelegenheiten presents a colorful bouquet of
contemporary artists. Please see below...


Sad Mermaid & F.Jäger & Mila Chiral

On Display

Sad Mermaid
w/ guests Paul Smiles & Max

Friederike Jäger 20:45-21:15

Mila Chiral 20:00-20:30

Butcher’s (back) room

20:00 Opening ‚the party is over‘ – exhibition by and of F.Jäger’s paintings


Entrance free. Donations very welcome (e.g. 3×3€). Cds are on their way and special light show prepared.


Do robots have an Ethnicity? Sound installation/Robotics


“Myth and Prosthesis I” is an installation made by New York artist Efrain Rozas, that consists on the creation of a sonic meditation space where a robot is a technology that proposes an alternative map of the geopolitics of myth. It asks in who’s image are new music technologies being designed? Do robots have an ethnicity? What is the place of non-Western cosmologies in the development of new prostheses, technologies and myths? These questions subvert the fantasy of the universal modern scientific project which has constructed itself as a-historic and a-political. It demands the unveiling of the cultural history and political agenda behind the development of new technologies.

This robot/sound sculpture was made out of need, as a prosthesis that suits me better. Contemporary music technologies are based in most cases in a Western logic of rhythm. Like in Western notation, there is a single grid in which time flows from left to right, and there is a single metronome that acts as a conductor. The brain of my prosthesis is a software which works in a different way, informed by Latin American logics of polyrhythm.

We are very proud to present this work in our Butcher’s (back) room on this day, together with paintings and music events in the venue.

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