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Brandon Miller | Konzert

Brandon Miller is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia who now lives in Berlin and has fallen in love with its thriving community of musicians and artists. In 2011 he released the album ‚Everyone Here Seems So Familiar‘ thru the R.D.S. Label and under the moniker Sarsaparilla to an enthusiastic response in the Berlin indie-folk-rock scene as well as the German and online press. Now in 2015 with the help of the Sarsaparilla band mates, some new friends, and iMusician Digital Distribution he will release the new album ‚Ocean of Devotion‘.

The ‚Ocean of Devotion‘ album is a ten song odyssey about the possible salvation of a schizophrenic romantic and his friends, who are all lunatics stranded on board a shipwreck out at sea. Near the end one of them realizes that they might just be drinking some rare ancient whiskey with the Lady of Song in a ghost town saloon on top of Battle Mountain during happy hour. It was recorded at the Wildlife Refuge Studios in Rixdorf, Berlin and at Kawari Sound Studios in Philadelphia. It will be available in most all digital stores as of November 28th, 2015 and also available in physical form at live concerts.

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