Samstag, 7. Mai, 20 Uhr

electr°cute | Elektronischer Salon AUSGEFALLEN!


~~oscillating–>images into sounds >>and other way around///feedback–>-°-live#*-**~analog~~#–in=out–=/=-electricity shock—/->-°sounds of colors♥##~`

–> in search of pure audio-visual synchronisation –>

An audio-visual performance based on analog signals; a conversation with electricity, in order to see, to hear the physical aspects of it. It is based on a basic signal, a composite, where sound generated directly from video is manipulated via control voltage, coming back to the source, influenced. The goal is organic synchronization between sound and image. Using a coil and electromagnetic fields signals are interrupted in a pure visual sonification of the glitch. Open wires, conected with the system allow the audience to interact with the piece; resonating frequencies make it come alive and integrate with the surroundings. Oscillating tension with lights, and sounds and electrify the atmosphere.

Visual sonification. //
see sounds // hear images


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