Samstag, 22. Juni, 20:00 Uhr

KvT and Martin Graham // Sound- & Body-Performance

KvT are a duo that shape ephemeral soundscapes from the overlapping churn of single simple elements — voice, resonance, repetition, movement, memory. They work with processes/sounds/movements close to imperceptibility, and transformation through layering/rhythm/pattern/repetition.

KvT sind ein Duo, das ephemere Klanglandschaften aus sich überschneidenden verschwimmenden Elementen schichtet: Stimme, Resonanz, Wiederholung, Bewegung, Erinnerung. Sie arbeiten mit Prozessen / Lauten / Bewegungen, die der Unwahrnehmbarkeit nahe sind, und Transformation durch Schichtung / Rhythmus / Muster / Wiederholung.


Martian Graham
From my interest in the relationship between identity and sound in the broadest sense, Martian Graham is born as a series of live experiments that attempt to construct a dialogue between the physicality of sound and the moving human body.

Resonance as meaning. Insisting on the power of listening. How and when does a temporarily subversive space emerge that allows us to beat, twist and play our individual and collective identity?

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